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A Godless Culture

True followers of Jesus have pretty much always been on the margins of society. Sure, we have seen some exceptions to this; but even when we look back on the glory days of Christendom, things didn’t exactly turn out great. Believers in the western world have all but had a hay day basking in the […]

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The Johnstown Flood by David McCullough

In 1889, a nightmare for thousands of people living in Johnstown, Pennsylvania came to life. Every year in Johnstown there were people who would start the rumors up again, especially after a good thunderstorm passed through. The rumors were surrounded by fear. The fear was that the South Fork Damn, which sat 14 miles upstream […]

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“Absolute Surrender” by Andrew Murray

The Christian life is not always an easy one. Many things are needed to walk with Jesus on a daily basis and to live out what your heart and mind believe. You need patience. You need love. You need discipline, and courage, and conviction. One of the most important things you need is surrender. The […]

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“Go Down Together” by Jeff Guinn

Legends have a way of being surrounded with stories and facts that embellish the reality of what was. The early 20th century was full of such people and stories that are legends to us now. One of the most well know is the legend of Bonnie and Clyde. The famous lovers who robbed and shot […]


Keep on Keeping on…

I love to learn new things. The biggest reason I write is because it forces me to invest in learning. Have you ever thought about how much you do not know? About how many things there are in the world to learn about? The research never ends. The desire is never quite satisfied. We live […]