Keep on Keeping on…

I love to learn new things. The biggest reason I write is because it forces me to invest in learning. Have you ever thought about how much you do not know? About how many things there are in the world to learn about? The research never ends. The desire is never quite satisfied. We live in an age where virutally everything is accessible. If you want to learn how to build a car, just google it. If you want to learn a new language, you can choose from the myriad of tools that are available to you. If this excites you, then we are alike. Although it is exciting, it can also be overwhelming. Where does one begin. There are few things that I try to practice in my life to keep from getting bogged down. I hope they help and inspire you in your quest for more.

Focus on one thing at a time.

It is easy to get destracted when researching. You can start your work with one goal in mind and then end up chasing other ideas that are presented in your study. Do your best to stay focused on one task. One thing that helps me is to keep a journal near me at all times so that I can record new ideas as I run across them. This helps me stay focused on my task because I know that I wont forget to study the things I come across that interest me later on; like the anatomy of unicorns, or the effective nature of social media, or the 10 steps to being a better writer…see what I mean. It can be annoying to your own brain and other people when you lose focus on why you started into the topic your on in the first place.

Don’t fear the silence.

We live in a noisy world. Finding a quiet place to think and meditate can be a challenging task. Don’t be afraid to get alone and allow the silence to set in. Turn off the phone, shut the computer down, be still, and allow your mind a little room to function the way it was designed to.

Take a break.

 If you are like me, when you begin a job you don’t want to slow down until you have finished it. When I have this rushed mindset I actually hinder my creativity and my work suffers. I have to make myself step away from a project and take a breath. When I actually do this, I typically come back to my work refreshed and with clear vision. You can do decent work or great work. If accomplishing something great is on your radar, don’t be afraid to step away for a moment.

Create a work space.

You need to have a place where you can go and get your work done. It should a place that is designed for you. Fill it with things that you like, things that encourage your creativity. Be purposeful in how you create the space, and whatever you do, don’t introduce something into that space that could distract you from why you created it in the first place. You must guard it. Don’t feel guilty about keeping others out if you are trying to work. It needs to be a place that your mind recognizes is meant for focus and study.

Don’t expect perfection.

If you finish your project or study and feel like there is room for improvement, it’s because there is. Don’t expect perfection, you don’t need that pressure. There are days and moments when you will feel distracted and lost. This is normal. Take a break, and stay motivated. Eventually your focus will set in and you will get great work done. You are not perfect, and your work won’t be either. Be willing to work and rework an idea. In time you will get to where you planned on going.
Your work is important. You need your work, and others will be changed and impacted by the committment you put into it. So stick with it, and implement some of these ideas if you think they might help. I know that they have helped me. Keep on keeping on!