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“Authorized: The Use and Misuse of the King James Bible”

41sBbBpxCiLOne of the many things that Christians and non-Christians alike struggle with is which English Bible translation to choose and trust. We have a myriad of options when it comes to Bible translations, and many people become frustrated and confused by it. Does the fact that we have so many translations weaken the authority of Scripture? Are we “watering down” the Bible by offering more and more english versions? In his book “Authorized: The Use and Misuse of the King James Bible”, Mark Ward answers these questions and many others. He would argue that having the Holy Scriptures in many different english versions is a blessing. It allows both the educated and uneducated a chance to know and understand God’s Word. There is no doubt that older translations, like the King James, are full of words that we either don’t use anymore or we use in a completely different way. For the reader who has not been trained in how to study the Bible properly this can be a big obstacle in comprehending what is really being said in certain passages. One thing that Ward points out early in the book is that he is not trying to argue for replacing the King James or any other older translation, but that we should be willing to accept translations that seek to correctly interpret Bible manuscripts into our modern English language. Languages change, and english is no exception. Ward makes clear that the King James itself was translated in an attempt to place the Scriptures into the hands of the unlearned man in its own time. So why would we not want to do the same today? The argument that places the KJV at odds with the current english translations should not really be an argument at all. All english translations should be carefully reviewed and studied to be sure that they seek to correctly convey God’s written Word, and while they may sound and read differently, we should seek to use modern translations to reach modern people without compromising the wonderful history of translation and the amazing truth that God has preserved His Word. If this subject is something that you have contemplated, you would do well to read this book. The author does a splendid job at presenting facts and questions without being offensive to those who are on either side of the issue. It will shed light on where we are today and how the translations of Scripture have changed over time. Check it out on Amazon by clicking the link below!

“Authorized” by Mark Ward

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