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“Absolute Surrender” by Andrew Murray

51lIp+2T8DLThe Christian life is not always an easy one. Many things are needed to walk with Jesus on a daily basis and to live out what your heart and mind believe. You need patience. You need love. You need discipline, and courage, and conviction. One of the most important things you need is surrender. The Christian life is a paradox. The Scriptures teach that you must lose your life in order to find it, and that God is the most strong through weak men. These are not popular things to teach about, much less commit to. Andrew Murray is one of my favorite authors, and I could recommend anything that he has written. Perhaps, in time, I will end up recommending other works that he has done. Like “The Key to the Missionary Problem”, what an amazing book that is. For now I want to focus on a short book he wrote entitled “Absolute Surrender”.

Murray was a Pastor in South Africa in the late nineteenth century. His wisdom and knowledge are still with us today, and this particular book changed my life. In it Murray begins with the explanation of how a believer should be surrendered to the work and the leading of the Spirit of God in his life. He shows the connection between surrender and faithfulness. He also leads the reader into the realization that if true surrender is going to be found, it will be found first in prayer. The goal of the Christian is not to fill his life with work for God, but to fill his life with God himself. This is made possible through the work of Jesus Christ. God has prepared great things for those who are surrendered to Him and want nothing in life except to see Jesus glorified in everything they do. The first step is surrender. If you are searching for God, or if you are searching for what God wants from you in your life, this is a must read. It can be a place of rest in Jesus that you can return to time and time again. One of the best things about this book is you can get a physical copy for under $5, and if you read electronically it is only $.99 from Amazon. This is a book that I encourage every one to read. Follow the link below and get it, you can thank me later.

Amazon: Absolute Surrender