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Spirit-Filled Jesus by Mark Driscoll


Believers today must understand who the Holy Spirit is and what He does in our lives. When one looks at the life of Jesus it is clear that the Holy Spirit was active in His ministry and empowered Him to live the life that He did. After all, it was the Holy Spirit who raised Christ from the dead. Christians today are given that same Spirit to fill them, to lead them, to empower them, and to bring comfort and peace into their lives. Understanding how this works is foundational for the believer in Christ who wants to grow in faith and maturity. This book is a must read. You should get it, study it, and then study it again. Mark always points to Scripture in his writings, and there is nothing more trustworthy and Godly than that.

I was privileged to read through this book before its official release. If you have ever studied or been curious about the work of the Holy Spirit in the life of Jesus, this really is a must read. Mark does a great job at making clear the things that all believers should agree on and unite in. His focus on the Spirit’s work in our lives and in our families was truly encouraging. Mark uses solid theology and shows us more than enough Scripture to support his points. With his warming humor, as always, Mark will bring a smile to your face and I was genuinely surprised at how quickly I read through the book. If you enjoy reading theology its a must add book for your library. If you don’t read much theology, this is certainly a great place to start. To order it click the link below.

Spirit-Filled Jesus